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M&A Target Search

If you are searching for an opportunity to expand your business through merger and acquisition (M&A) activities in CEE, we are here to help you pick the best target companies and mitigate all risks involved, especially in the preliminary phases.

The process involves identification, evaluation and short-listing of most prospective candidates. And, it can also involve a discrete third-party Commercial Due Diligence (see Business Investigation & Profiling). Besides conducting desk research, we can talk to a variety of individuals to solicit opinions on the target company, while maintaining your anonymity.

This service can be used by a variety of clients. Besides companies with interest in merger or acquisition, it could also be investment bankers, and venture capitalists.

On the other hand, we can also help CEE companies to find investors in Central and Eastern Europe.

As your M&A consultant, we can help you with identifiaction and preliminary due diligence of potential:

  • Acquisition targets
  • Joint venture partners
  • Strategic alliance partners
  • Investment partners
  • Technology transfer partners.

MARKETiN CEE team provides M&A Target Search in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and through local consultants and partners in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call +421-2-20200030 or use our contact form to specify your unique requirements and request a free no obligation proposal today!

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