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Strategic Market Research

On-demand Strategic Market Research in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) may range from special-focus market analyses to comprehensive market studies, from single country reports to multi-country benchmarking.

Delivered market report, industry sector analysis, market entry feasibility studyrisk analysis or opportunity study is usually based on thorough analysis of reliable information gathered from and verified by secondary and primary sources, while both market research and market intelligence techniques and tools are applied.

Expertise of MARKETiN CEE lies especially in the B2B strategic market research and intelligence based mainly on interviews with knowledgeable people from respective industries.

Using our network of CEE-based consultants, we can deliver you the required insight not only into the local markets, but we are also able to benchmark it with other markets in the CEE region.

Based on client requirements, Strategic Market Research often comprises many of the following deliverables:

  • Brief Market Overview
  • Industry Sector Analysis
  • Market Size, Development & Structure
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Market Shares and Profiles of Competitors
  • Typical Distribution Channels
  • Pricing Levels
  • Typical Marketing Channels
  • Market Access Barriers

Strategic Market Research is often combined with Marketing Survey & Analysis to get a picture of typical buyers and their preferences or with Sales & Marketing Support to acquire a B2B leads database. But it can also be complemented with Strategic Competitive Intelligence to analyze competitive situation on the market or with Business Intelligence & Profiling to receive a more detailed profiles of competitors.

MARKETiN CEE team provides Strategic Market Research in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and through local consultants and partners in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

PROJECT EXPERIENCE: See examples of our recent Strategic Market Research Cases.

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