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Strategy Radar™ - Monitoring of Industry Events in CE

We know how difficult it is to monitor events in your industry, which can pose threat or bring opportunity. That is why we have designed a unique structure and methodology of such monitoring, which can be adjusted to the needs of your company or specifics of your industry. We have created Strategy Radar™ for you.

Strategy Radar is an intelligence system of monitoring and early warning on industry threats and opportunities in Central Europe, which in a form of a well-arranged report regularly delivers quality information necessary for corporate planning and decision-making to managers' e-mail boxes.

Strategy Radar is much more than just a mere monitoring of media and other, mostly online information resources. Rather than a clipping service, it can be perceived as outsourced competitive intelligence based on thorough selection and verification of the most important information from various and often hardly-obtainable resources.

Although we rely on technology to collect most of the required data from various sources, all information are hand-picked, excerpted and analyzed by our analysts to deliver you a compact knowledge of current happenings in your industry.

Receiving such warnings on a monthly (or shorter) basis directly to an e-mail box allows managers to obtain the selection of only the most relevant (industry-specific), compact (abstracted) and up-to-date (often available earlier than from any other resources) information and knowledge necessary for strategic and tactical decision-making and planning. In Strategy Radar, the emphasis is on quality, rather than quantity, of information delivered, which is extremely important in today's overflow of information fragments pouring in through various channels.

"Strategy Radar provides us with a one-stop-shop overview on the happenings in our industry, which allows us to focus on our work rather than spending hours by reading through printed media or other information resources. Thus, the greatest benefit of Strategy Radar for me and my colleagues lies especially in time saving. And that is important and valuable not only for logistic managers."

Tomáš Chmura, Logistic Manager - Automotive, DSV Slovakia s.r.o.

Currently, we are monitoring especially the Transport & Logistics, Information & Communication Technologies as well as Healthcare, pharmaceuticals & devices industry sectors in Central Europe for our clients. To receive a free copy or other information on Strategy Radar, please contact us.

Archive of Selected Headlines of the Strategy Radar in the industry sectors:
Transport & Logistics:
2011, 2010, 2009 & 2008.

Strategy Radar can be tailored to your needs. If you want to monitor your industry or market in Central Europe, please call +421-2-20200030 or send us an e-mail.

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